Tuesday, September 20, 2005

[Humor Archives] Lost in Translation

(More funneh business I found in my email aaaahr-chives, dated 03 March 1998...)
Sixteen Feet lyrics, as translated into foreign languages and then back again using AltaVista's Babelfish

  1. It is awake in the morning, opens its teeth, bites, around to eat, and it rolls. A thing never modifies. The week terminated, the week begins, it thinks: we regard each other and us surprise, what thinks the other one, but we never say a thing, and these crimes between us grow more deeply.

  2. All the birds were blue, they do not know what to make since you said goodbye to me, and the flowers in their gloom just refused to flower, since we all want your behind, see you, naturally.

  3. Forwards I found year, i am a long way down the holiday route out. Although I have no target unit received, no somebody will be going and stopping my celebration. Propel down holiday route, we go to the world Wally. Yeah!

  4. Few Swattie, small, lets my brain come quite undone. Do you love me, do do you, to girl Swarthmore? I think that you leave a hot baby, you to us to go study into MCABE, willt you adviser I, will you, girl Swarthmore are? We go crossing to the Ville if I can to borrow someone auto, or to eat we romantic to evening; I hear that this evening they are casing casing staffcasing staff!


Dom said...

1. Ants Marching
2. Naturally
3. Holiday Road
4. Swarthmore Girl

What do I win?

j0v1wan said...

A shrubbery!